be able to say

what they want to say

communication-oriented classes that

aim to help students

we have an educational system to maximize students’ Japanese language skills not only in the classroom

but also in the entire process of learning Japanese.

School Events

Experiencing Japanese culture

and civilization

We hold speech contests and essay contests to announce the results of learning

Japanese, seasonal events (Kakizome, bean sowing, Tanabata), barbecues and Christmas parties for class exchange.

Small Class ・ Homeroom System

Each class is organized by a small group of

15 people on average

Although it is a large school, the number of students per class is small,

so the distance between students and teachers is close, and it is a school with a cosy atmosphere where you can consult anything.

EJU/JLPT Preparation

Let's aim to get qualification

and high score

Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) and

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) are offered according to each level. We also hold a mock exam in the school before the exam.

Welcome to
Tokyo Johoku Japanese Language School

At Tokyo Johoku Japanese Language School, we aim to improve the ability of Japanese in a short period of time.

Our students have a high enrolment rate to College, University and graduate school.

We tailor education in accordance with student personality. 
Experienced teachers guide students on the path to their goals.

Full support for your

peace of mind!


over 30 years of experience in Japanese language education.


Our school is located in Takadanobaba, a popular student town in the center of Tokyo, Shinjuku District.


Our experienced teachers will provide detailed support to help you obtain high scores on qualifications

School Life


many opportunities for those who want to focus on learning Japanese conversation skills. You can learn more natural and smooth Japanese conversation using a variety of everyday situations and topics.


We are knowledgeable about the JLPT, EJU scores that are required, which vary by school or career choice, and can supply interested students with instructions on writing graduate school research proposals.

Cultural Experiences

We offer a variety of activities to experience while feeling the Japanese seasons.
You will be able to learn Japanese language and culture together.



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